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Tiger Fangs Are So Fetch
529 393 Tony Guo

  I rank for the word Tiger Fangs.  SEO is weird.  But now I want this keyword, so that probably makes me even weirder.  Well, it’s time to sharpen them.…

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Great Google Ad Text
5 Words to Use for Creating Great Ad Text
1024 668 Tony Guo

  Wow, it’s been some time since I wrote an article.  I’ll make sure this one is extra useful. 1. Today One of my favorite words to but in a…

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Cutting Ties
Rivals and Cutting Ties
1024 1024 Tony Guo

  I’ll start with a college story.  Freshman orientation, sometime in July, I met Kenny.  I knew he would be my rival for the next 3.5 years.  He was as social, smart,…

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Good things happen thouse who hustle
Hustling and Work Ethic
699 526 Tony Guo

  Hustling is easy… it’s continuing that hustle when you sort of made it, that is hard.  You have to integrate hustle into your life.  It’s comparable to volunteering, you don’t…

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My Lazy Weekend
A Lazy Weekend, Yuk
1024 1014 Tony Guo

  The last few months have been interesting and exhaustive.  I’ve learned wire framing and prototyping.  Two things I’ve “delegated” many times before.  It’s nice to finally understand how to…

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Tony sketch
School and Website Drama
800 800 Tony Guo

  First off, it’s national roller coaster day.  Well… it was.  I have mixed feelings about the day.  While it’s a fun day… it also marks the beginning of the…

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Good Never Better than Great
1024 948 Tony Guo

  I got into a discussion with a friend… enemy… mostly a friend …about choosing law over medical.  It haunts me somewhat I didn’t become a doctor. I had valorously…

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Piano Recitals
Piano Recitals are Fun
1024 764 Tony Guo

  When I was little I had piano lessons every week.  Eventually when my sister was old enough, she would have them with me.  I never liked lessons.  To get…

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Houston SEO
It’s Only in Your Head You Feel Left Out
1024 684 Tony Guo

  Monday was a Monday.  Pretty uneventful.  I hope I get my car back soon.  I keep thinking I’m going to crash the loaner car.  The MDX is a lot…

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lunchables image
Crashing Down :Coming Back Every Time
1024 1024 Tony Guo

  I’m going to post my blogs more consistently. I wrote a few blogs in my sketch book. My plan was to scan them since there were also fun doodles.…

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