Biking and Skiing Across Norway

Biking and Skiing Across Norway

Nature and Norway go hand-in-hand with the possession of mountains, glaciers, wildlife and the astonishing fjords. Norwegians have put measures in place and set a pace in realizing their love affair with nature meaning their country is ideal for an adventure. Could be skiing, skijoring or even biking.


Skiing in Norway has been traced back in their history, over 4000 years ago, where it was used as an essential mode of transport for centuries. Shockingly, even during the summer Norwegians whip out their “rulleski” which is a combination of rollerblades and skis and continue practicing cross-country skiing. Unlike other countries, the season between autumn and spring is perfect for ski and even snowboard. The state has quite an impressive number of ski resorts for both families and daredevils to accommodate any tourists or interested parties. Holmenkollen is located just outside the capital with an extreme thrill for any ski jumpers. Telemark skiing was introduced at most Norwegian resorts where you dance as you skin down the slope.

Fjord Norway boasts of numerous mountain ranges offering the deepest snow in Europe. The glaciers in the West of Norway provide spectacular views and adventures of ice climbing and skiing in even the summer months. It makes Fjord Norway an all year round destination for ski lovers. The best thing about this state is the possession of different ranges of slopes and mountains. It gives many skiers various challenges ranging from skiers with less experience to those with immense skill.

Borrowing from tradition, Norwegians hold cross-country skiing competitions that involve a group of skiers skiing through a stretched trail over several miles. Oslo, for example, boasts of 1600 miles of already trimmed out and prepared cross-country ski trails. Cross-country skiing is best suited for experts who are fit and can keep up with the chill for extended periods throughout the competition. 

According to most skiers, the Olympic venue at Kvitfjell has the toughest slope usually a guaranteed challenge to skiers aiming for more challenges on the slopes. If you are a major snow lover, Roldal and Stranda will offer you heavy falls while skiing probably all-round the year.


Norway boasts of its many mountains and fjords. However, cycling requires a rather smooth terrain to make the activity fun. With Norway’s many slopes, cycling might not sound like the best activity to partake. However, Norway’s government has dedicated a lot of resources and effort to make the country more bike accessible.

In recent times, Norway has been considered to be one of Europe’s top cycling destinations. According to the magazine Travel and Vacation, Rallarvegen road in Norway was voted as one of the most beautiful streets for cycling. The road is one of the most scenic in the world. It goes from Haugastol to Flam and finally to the Sognefjord. Another well-recognized bicycle route in the Bordalen Valley Roundtrip. The course takes you around some valleys in Voss via quiet roads and forests. Could be a good meditation trip.

Another bicycle route most common is the Vangsvatnet Lake Round trip that starts by the church in Voss. The path goes on the north side of Lake Vangsvatnet towards Bergen. You should have a distance of twenty kilometers past the Bordalsgjelet Gorge and Hendrieke Berg gallery. It is vital that you travel in groups. It’s harder to get lost in groups. If you are alone, you could bring a map or instructor with you.

There are plenty of other options you could take when looking for biking roads especially if you are out for challenges and crazy fun. None the less, some of these routes require previous experience especially during winter when roads could get blocked and hidden. Geiranger Fjord mountains have majestic roads great for bikers in need for more challenges. The trip should have relatively little climbing and recognizable traffic during the high seasons.

It turns out that bike riding is good for skiers. Note that you necessarily needed a reason to go for a ride, but biking helps you get in shape during the summer when skiing isn’t an option. For most skiers, cycling isn’t only about having fun, but it feels like training when offseason. Biking is an endurance exercise for your legs, arms, abs, lungs and the heart. With the extension, repeated efforts in riding will improve your cardiovascular function. Biking in a forest perhaps will help you improve your balance which eventually enables you to gain rigid balance while skiing.

Skiers and bikers in Norway tend to have one thing in common; they tend to interchange the activities depending on the season. Biking during the summer, skiing during the winter. The techniques employed in the two events match apart from the equipment used. If you are looking to switch from biking to skiing or skiing to biking, you will need to get new gear for the unique occasion. You could check out sports overnight for the additions.