Best Practices – Get the Most out of Instagram Ads

Best Practices – Get the Most out of Instagram Ads

The fact that, from the figures on, revenue from Instagram ads is set to hit something close to 11 billion dollars by 2019 just goes to show how powerful Instagram as a marketing tool and Instagram ads by extension are. Even more numbers, this time on, reveal that Instagram gets over 2 million active advertisers every month, which just goes to drive the above further home. This is all down to the fact that, as a social media site, it not only has hundreds of millions of users, it is also extremely visually driven which makes it attractive to all sorts of companies and businesses as far as marketing is concerned. This makes not only running Instagram ads but being successful with them extremely important, the folks at argue. This article will therefore look to highlight some of the best practices and tips that you should keep in mind in order to get the most out of your Instagram ads.

One of the tried and tested strategies on social media marketing, including with Instagram ads, is the use of contest marketing, with a much detailed write-up on this strategy to be found Given the fact people love free stuff, running contests that have giveaways is one of the best ways to drive up engagements with your ad posts on Instagram. For those with not so many followers, the experts at recommend that you partner with a bigger and more popular partner when running these contests and giveaways to ensure that you cast your net as far as possible. What this will do is that it will ensure that your ad gets a lot more engagements than it would have done without the big-name partner and ensuring that you get more followers for your account while at it. Another best practice to ensure that you get the most out of Instagram ads, according to the folks at, is ensuring that you maintain a consistent presence on Instagram. This includes providing users with a never-ending flow of content and ads that ensure that you stay in their mind and thus increase your chances of success.

Another best practice that will ensure that you get the best out of your Instagram ads has to do with timing and scheduling, an aspect that is discussed exhaustively on This means that you should make use of the feature on Instagram that allows one to schedule when they’d prefer their ad to appear, and make sure that your ads appear at the times your majority of your audience are most active so that they can be seen by relevant audiences. For this to work, the folks at argue, knowing your audience is important. You should be able to deduce from your products, what time people looking for them are likely to be online and on Instagram as well as the days of the week, month or year that see a spike in the use of your product or service. With this knowledge, it should be easy to use the scheduling feature for your benefit, although you could use the trial and error method and still get there eventually. It is important to note that there are free ad-scheduling tools available for you, like Buffer, which are discussed on, and you can always make use of them especially if you are not using a lifetime budget.

The next best practice that will allow you to get the most out of your Instagram ads is the regular use of Instagram stories, a features that has been covered in detail on This videos and images that last only for 24 hours, may not be directly related to your Instagram ads, but experts have observed from studies that the use of these stories leads to an increase in engagement of ads for brands. This, the folks at argue, is because these stories are a great way to increase and enhance your presence on Instagram and as such can increase the number of your followers and consequently the number of people who interact with your brand. Another benefit of Instagram stories is that, if your stories are gripping and engaging enough, you are likely to be featured by Instagram on its Explore page, where of course users go to when they are looking for new content. This is likely to lead to a spike in engagements of your ads and will allow you to get the best from them. The folks at also recommend, as a best practice to ensure that you maintain a constant tone between your Instagram ads and your brand to ensure that there is a consistence in messaging that will help consumers to identify you quickly and easily when they run into your ad.

The above are some of the best practices that we hope will help you in your bid to get the most out of your Instagram ads with more on the same and much more to be found on as well as and