Best Practices – Get the Most out of Google Ads

Best Practices – Get the Most out of Google Ads

The sheer number of people that use Google daily has made search engine marketing one of the most effective and valuable forms there is out there right now, with the experts on backing this fact up. Google Ads are the undisputed king when it comes to this, with them commanding a sizeable share of this particular market share as per This has led to most people looking to get a piece of the success that is there to be had through the use of PPC and Google Ads by extension. However, like with any strategy out there, there are certain dos and don’ts as far as Google Ads are concerned that determine whether one will see success or not from their campaigns. The good news is that this article, with the help of experts like those on will look to highlight some of the best practices that will ensure that you and your business get the most out of Google Ads.

One of the most important best practices on Google Ads, as is discussed on, to keep in mind that will enable you to get the most out of them is ensuring that include your most important messaging in the headlines when writing your ad copies. This is still important even though in recent times, Google has increased the number of characters that one can have in the description section to 80. The headline section is still king as its messaging is still the one that will determine the most the click-through rates of your ads. From testing done on ads, examples of which can be found on, it has emerged that headlines are the ones that have the most profound effect on click-through rates than the description. While still on the topic of headlines, it is imperative to note that headline number one is much more important than headline number two. This is because there is no guarantee as to how the second headline will show given that it may either be truncated by Google or it may appear after a line break after the first headline. This, according to the folks at, means that one should prioritize the first headline and avoid including critical information on the second headline, with such crucial information including your call-to-action.

Another thing to keep in mind as far as best practices for Google Ads if you are to get the most out of them is making sure that your ads are compatible for all devices including mobile. As has been discussed exhaustively on, majority of searches on Google are done on mobile devices, and as such it is imperative to ensure that your ads are compatible on mobile devices. It is also worth noting that most people will use multiple devices before completing their purchase or otherwise and as such, it is important to ensure that whatever device they use they can be able to access your ads. What this means, as is explained by the experts on, instead of creating specific ads for mobile and specific ones for desktop, ensure that you just create ones that are compatible on all devices; one of the most important best practices to keep in mind in the current era of expanded text ads. It is also important, as a best practice, to ensure you keep your eyes peeled on what your competitors are doing to ensure that your campaigns stand out from the rest. It is therefore important, as per, to take a look and study your competitors’ ads and thereafter make the requisite changes to beat them.

The next thing to look at as far as best practices for Google Ads are concerned in order to get the most out of them is ensuring that you regularly optimize your landing pages, as is discussed in detail on This is so as to ensure that the landing page users are directed to is relevant to their search. While in the topic of optimizing landing pages, it is also important to ensure that your calls to action stand out and are not only easy to spot, but are also easy to engage. The aim of optimizing landing pages according to the gurus over at is to ensure that they are to the point and as such don’t leave your visitors confused. Another strategy as far as best practices for Google Ads are concerned is making sure that use different keywords for different target markets and audiences. To put this into context, the highly knowledgeable folks at give an example of the use of the keywords “high-end clothing” if your target market is those looking for high-end, expensive clothing.

The above tips as far as best practices when it comes to Google Ads should ensure that users have a great experience when clicking on your ads which should ensure that you enjoy great success from your campaigns. You can also visit as well as and for advice and more information on the same and so much more.