Best Book Stores Near Me: PPC Hire’s 2018 Guide to Our Favorite Spots in Houston

 Best Book Stores Near Me: PPC Hire’s 2018 Guide to Our Favorite Spots in Houston

 Best Book Stores Near Me: PPC Hire’s 2018 Guide to Our Favorite Spots in Houston

Outdoor activities are fun, but there are a few things that can match the tranquility, discovery, relaxation, and enjoyment of sitting back with a good book. Whether the book is a mystery with an unpredictable and complex plot or a non-fictional book covering economics or history, a book is a great way to wind down a hectic day or week. Some people find it hard reading soft copy books while many shops online for books, but there are great places in Houston that sell good books at fair prices.

Becker’s Books

Located 7504 Westview Drive, Becker’s Books is such a magnificent place with thousands of books on every subject possible. The book store is built on vintage standards, and it feels like walking through a home library only that Becker’s Books’ version is large. Books are normally stacked in block forms from the floor to ceiling. While some books may be out of reach, some assistants will retrieve the books you want using a ladder. The book store is packed with books and no matter your interest; you will always find something for you.

Katy Budget Books

Katy Budget Books has served west Houston for more than three decades. The bookstore has an extensive collection of adult and children’s books at used book prices. Once you are a client at this book store, you will receive newsletters informing you of the latest books equipped. To make clients feel at home, Katy Budget Books serves clients coffee to give a relaxing mood while reading a good book. It is one of Houston’s largest bookstores.

Kaboom Books

This book store is packed with excellent reads. Kaboom books strive to offer personalized services to its regular clients that make them a huge asset to many book lovers. They have also incorporated a “buy and sell” procedure that makes it perfect for those who have finished reading a set of books and are in need of a new one. Also, if you are new and aren’t sure about what you want, Kaboom Books allows clients to browse through available books while trying to find something that catches the eye.

Blue Willow Book Shop

Looking for a nice, cozy place that gives you a serene environment to search for something enticing? Blue Willow Book Shop is the place to be. Besides books, they also sell games and will even wrap up your purchase if it is a gift for a loved one. The children’s section makes Blue Willow Book shop one of the finest book stores in Houston. If you need your kids to learn how to pick good books and become good readers, this is the place to come.

River oak Bookstore

Its premises are small, but their service and friendliness have absolutely no measure. The bookstore welcomes clients to feel at home and while at it, examine their books of choice before making a purchase. Their staff is also more than ready to help you find a book of your choice that meets your desires, wants and needs. Also, the bookstore is staffed with book enthusiasts to help offer great recommendations to both the store and clients. River Oaks Bookstore is easy to locate hence limited excuses.

Murder By The Book

Catching title? Right? Murder by the book is a mystery bookstore, undeniably one of the best in Houston. The bookstore is known to specialize in murder mysteries, thrillers, crime dramas which is a haven for mystery enthusiasts. It has been in business for more than 30 years having stacked over 25,000 titles from both classic and contemporary writers. The staff is always passionate about the mystery genre just like the regular clients. This makes them an asset when it comes to recommendations or book follow-ups.

Brazos Bookstore

Brazos bookstore is one of Houston’s most reputable bookstores, dating back to 1974 when it entered into the book business. Although it’s old, the bookstore has kept up with standards. This is not your average book store. They feature, dialogues, book readings, book tours, critique, fiction, poetry, history, children’s books; right about everything. Brazos bookstore is conveniently located down the street from Murder by the Book bookstore mentioned above, or PPC Hire can give you a hand with the guidance. If you feel indecisive about the kind of genre you need for the week, hop in for a variety of books at Brazos bookstore.

The Lift

The Lift offers something a bit more different from the normal traditional book store experience in Houston. It is situated in the Heights neighborhood while still serving a gift shop and boutique offering fresh, new findings. You really never know what you will grab while at The Lift; could be a children’s book to Texas organic Soap to funky socks and mugs. We call that unique. Additionally, it’s open daily! Now that’s what we call case closed!