Android Developer For Hire

I am an expert Android app developer looking for potential projects to contribute to or build completely. I have been programming since the mid 90s and I can code in many languages such as: Java (Android and just regular Java), C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, and some others.

My strengths as a programmer are in networking. For Android I am able to write applications that can allow for login, account registration, chat and instant messaging, social media feed designs, and more. My ability to code in python, PHP and MYSQL assists in being able to write full scale networking programs. I have been coding in Java for more than 10 years and in Android for over 4 years.

I am 9/10 strong on all aspects of Android app development. To list a few: RecyclerViews, Glide library, Volley library, SMS communication, AES encryption, and more.

I am open to answer any questions that test my knowledge or even code a simple activity of your choice to show ability. I am confident I can create really anything imaginable, however, I don’t build games. I have never been a good game designer and decided nearly 20 years ago to not work in game design. I know this is most people’s idea, but I will not be able to assist at least in the “design” of the game meaning graphically. I can assist as a developer in the functional backend side of things.

I am here in the US. I am in Indiana. I am available for phone calls, just shoot me an email and let’s setup a time to talk more. Pricing for my services will vary based on the project but it is safe to assume I charge $50/hour as a developer already, so expect a minimum of $1,000 for an app to be developed.

With my hourly rate of $50/hr being said. I will quote you a time beforehand and will 99% of the time land on that time and even if it’s over, I still stick to the same quoted price, unless we add something and agree to an additional cost.

I am an experienced programmer and can create apps fairly quickly on my own. Most apps will take less than 2 weeks to create. Payment will not be expected in full up front. Because we are dealing with a high cost we will negotiate a payment plan that fits for both of us.

Alright, now that all of that is out of the way. If you have a great app idea feel free to email me and let’s talk more. As an additional disclaimer, I am in this for an immediate profit and in most cases will not consider a equity based payment.