Amazon PPC Strategy Explained! My Secrets to Profitable PPC

Ever wondered how the successful sellers on Amazon make their huge profits every month? Have you tried all the marketing strategies on Amazon and still can’t crack it? Well, worry not because today, I will take time to explain my secrets to profitable PPC.

A self-taught PPC expert with hundreds of certificates of merit in PPC and an agency dedicated solely to PPC services, I have massive experience in PPC and have put it into good use. I have helped thousands of companies and struggling newbies like yourself to get started in PPC and change the destiny of their businesses forever. So, what are my PPC secrets? Read on to find out;

Amazon PPC

For starters, pay per click (PPC) is a marketing strategy where advertisers pay a certain fee every time their ads get clicked on the Amazon marketplace and it is one of the most efficient marketing techniques on the platform. All one needs to do, is to set up a bid by paying Amazon and the one with the highest bid, gets their product recommended first when someone searches a relevant keyword.

Amazon PPC Strategy Explained

For you to get the most out of PPC, you have to come up with a strategy that works for your business model and the type of product that you have on offer. Anybody can commit themselves financially and start a PPC campaign but can you come up with a working PPC strategy that yields in profits?

Well, ever since Amazon PPC debuted, I have tried different strategies and although not all of them worked, most of them did very well. This can be attributed to my prior knowledge in PPC from search engines and general experience in marketing. To help you get started in Amazon PPC, I want to share some of the secrets to profitable PPC and how you can maximize on your resources on Amazon;

My Secrets to Profitable PPC

Research widely on working keywords

Before you delve into Amazon PPC, you have to have an understanding of the keywords that people are using to search for particular products. If you are selling laptops for example, take time and research on the most frequently searched keywords pertaining laptops.

Knowing the working keywords will make it easy for you to bid on just the most profitable keywords and minimize on losses.

Go big on your first few campaigns

Once you have a collection of keywords that you fee will be profitable, set aside a substantial working budget to kick off the campaign. The higher the budget, the higher the chances of attracting huge traffic to your products and getting conversions. You can go big on the first few months and then scale down once you have ascertained the keywords that are yielding positive results.

If you start small in terms of spending, then chances are high that you will get very low numbers in terms of clicks and you will end up with losses.

Pump in more money to the profitable keywords and stifle the less effective keywords

This is the most important aspect of any PPC campaign. By scaling down the amount of money you spend on the less profitable keywords and concentrating on the keywords that are actually leading to clicks and conversions, you will be maximizing on your resources.

This strategy reduces chances of you coming up short in terms of profits.

Keywords that break even should be kept

Sometimes, investing in some keywords will neither yield in profit nor culminate into loss. These keywords play a very vital role in terms of ranking and you shouldn’t stop paying for them. Actually, some of them lead to conversions which are not captured by Amazon PPC stats.

Sometimes, people click on ads but end up buying the products long after the 14 day period has elapsed. Such sales will not be captured by the Amazon PPC algorithm but in truth, you will have made a sale and possibly a profit. Moderately performing keywords should therefore be retained for as long as the budget allows.

Consider hiring experts to help you get started in PPC

Sometimes, the best thing to do for your business, is to let someone else with more knowledge in marketing to take over and help you get started in making profits. This is especially true in cases where a lot is at stake such as Amazon PPC.

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