7 Must Have Plug-ins for Your New Big Commerce Store

7 Must Have Plug-ins for Your New Big Commerce Store

Over the years, the business landscape has shifted from brick and mortar stores to online-stores and e-commerce. This has seen most businesses set up e-commerce stores, with big commerce being the option for those businesses that are making $1 million or more in sales each year, with more on the same to be found over at mtglion.com. While big commerce as a platform has enough for one to be able to get their store up and running, it doesn’t hurt, and in fact it makes things better to incorporate third-party software. These tools, known as plug-ins, can transform your store and this article will look to highlight 7 of which you should definitely get for your big commerce store.


If you are looking for a live chat software, then look no further than this software as far as you big commerce store is concerned. It will enable you to answer any questions prospective customers may have immediately and thus help in converting them. This plug-in will help massively in building trust between your store and customers, which should boost your conversion rates as well. To install it is fairly easy as instructions on the same are available on their website, and it is also completely free.


This plug-in is a must have if you are to take your shipping game to a whole new level. It will help make shipping for your easier and faster by not only enabling you to track your overall shipping costs, but also compare the different shipping options and thus enable you select the cheapest and fastest one, as is covered in detail over at mtglion.com. Other added benefits that come with it is the fact that they will let you know the lowest commercial USPS rates available, having a built-in return center among many others. All these benefits means that, even if it is not free, although they have a feature that allows big commerce merchants to use it for free for their first 50 shipments, this plug-in is worth every penny.


This is yet another must have plug-inn for any big commerce store out there that is looking to be successful in this very competitive field. It is designed to help stores set up rewards programs for those customers that make repeat purchases as well as those that refer your store to new customers. In short it is designed to help stores reward loyalty, which is one of the cornerstones of e-commerce especially since the process of customer acquisition can be quite expensive and time consuming making it important to do whatever you can to keep those customers that are actually loyal to your store.


This plug-in will come in handy no end when it comes to sending marketing emails, a marketing strategy that is quite effective as per the experts over at mtglion.com. The reason why this plug-in is recommended is due to the fact that it is easy to use as well as being mobile compatible. It also has other more complex custom templates for those that are interested with its automated marketing feature as well as that running welcoming campaigns being relatively easy to set up. It is a great plug-in to have for your big commerce store given how important marketing emails are in this field.


This great plug-in covers another area of e-commerce and by extension big commerce that is crucial, the area involving product review. It has various plans as far as product reviews are concerned, all of which enabling customers to be able to write product reviews via email, something that makes it easier for your customers to write reviews which consequently means that you are likely to get more reviews for your products. Other features include those enabling sharing of said reviews on social media accounts as well as those enabling comments as well as moderation of the same. It is also quite cheap compared to similar software which added to all the benefits and features makes it a must have.

Refund Retriever

Another must have plug-in for any big commerce store out there, with this one working to check and audit your FedEx and UPS invoices with the purview of finding any damaged or late shipments in order for you to get the refunds you are due as well as looking for any additional fees you may be due in terms of credits and surprise fees, as is explained over at mtglion.com. This plug-in will basically enable you get money you otherwise wouldn’t have known you had coming, and even though they will get a cut of the fees, it is well worth it. It will also come with the added benefit of helping you negotiate better rates for your store.


This plug-in is basically a software that enables one market popups and banners, enabling you to make money from them. It has various features that enable you make use of banners and popups for things like encourage customers to subscribe to your email, let them know of a certain ad campaign you may be running and many more other uses. If you also need to know how to use it, you can contract them as they have excellent customer support. They also bill per visitor rather than per impression, making it quite cheap as compared to similar software, and that is why it is a must have.

The above are the 7 plug-ins that any big commerce store worth its salt really should have, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at mtglion.com.

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