5 Signs That a Job is a Pyramid Scheme/Scam

The rate of unemployment in America, is at an all-time high. With this alarming rate of unemployment comes desperation and desolation by job seekers. This desperation is what scammers and pyramid schemes architects looks to take advantage of to swindle people off their hard earned money.

The number of pyramid cases in America is at an all-time high and if you are not careful, you can easily fall prey to these unscrupulous people and lose your money. To help you avoid falling victim to these conmen, we’ve put together 5 telltale signs of a pyramid scheme. Here are the 5 signs that a job is a pyramid scheme/scam;

5 Signs That a Job is a Pyramid Scheme/Scam

High upfront costs

One of the first warning signs that the job you signed up for is a scam, is if the employer is asking you to pay too much money upfront. Any legitimate job will not require you to pay a lot of money as a sign of commitment or signing up.

If someone asks you to pay too much money as a signup cost, then they will be trying you down to keep working with them for as long as possible so that you can try and recoup the amount of money that you financially committed as a signup fee.

Multilevel Marketing

However much one might try to convince you, any business venture that works under the premise of multilevel marketing, is a scam and you should run away. Multilevel marketing schemes are aimed at benefitting the people at the top of the food chain while taking advantage of those in the entry level.

You can tell that a scheme is a multilevel scam because they will always ask you to introduce your friends and family for a certain commission. If someone ever asks you to join their corporation and the main working principle behind their business is introducing a friend who will be required to pay a signup fee as well, then you can as well start looking for another job.

Deal looks too good to be true

The other way to identify a scam, is to compare the benefits of the job with the amount of work that you will be expected to carry out. Scams work by enticing people with monstrous pays for relatively easy tasks and jobs.

Imagine if someone promises to pay you an average of $10,000 monthly for clicking on links or for sharing some links to your friend, would you turn it down? On paper, this sounds like one of the best deals you can ever get from an employer but practically, this is impossible. Upon investigation, you’ll realize that there are some hidden words and statements in the links and posters that the proprietors of these schemes use to lure people to join them.

You should always read terms and conditions of every job opportunity before signing up. This way, you’ll always be aware of what you are signing up for first hand.

‘Totally legal’ painted all over posters and marketing campaigns

The other telltale sign that something is fishy with a certain deal or job is if the propter keeps claiming that it is totally legal or that it is not a scam. Posters that are used to promote such ventures are usually plastered with very large and conspicuous signs trying to convince people that whatever venture being marketed is legitimate.

If a business venture is legitimate, then the employer or marketer doesn’t have to keep reminding potential employees or clients. If someone keeps reminding you that whatever they are introducing you to is not a scam, then chances are high that it is a scam.

You are forced to buy things or make unnecessary subscriptions

The other telltale sign that whatever you are about to get yourself into is a scam, is if you are being forced to buy things or make subscriptions that you don’t need at all. These things include cosmetic products, diet products or premium monthly subscriptions to certain services.

If you are ever asked to subscribe to a service or buy a product that you don’t need, then you should run because you are about to get scammed. Always ask for justification behind every requirement and if the explanation does not add up, then avoid the venture as much as possible.

Always be on the lookout

Amidst the desperation and joy of getting a new job that pays a lot of money, you might find yourself trapped between a rock and a hard place. Always ask questions, conduct background searches to ascertain the legitimacy of corporations purporting to offer jobs. In case of any red flag, do not hesitate to leave as soon as possible to avoid losing money to unscrupulous individuals who are on the loose in the physical and online streets of America.

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