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I am a web developer looking to work with you on your development project. I am local, and have extensive experience in developing all different types of websites. From E-Commerce, to Blogs and Informational sites as well as custom projects, I have the experience you need. I am reliable, transparent, and very straightforward. I guarantee your website will be 100% unique, fully responsible, and fitted with all of the modern bells and whistles. I am also very reasonable in regards to price, and offer great professional development rates. My only request is that you understand that I cannot work for post-development profits or equity. E-mail me today to schedule a no obligation consultation to see how together, we can get your project off of the ground!

I am a freelance full stack web developer.
I work with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/JQuery/AJAX/PHP/RubyOnRails/NodeJS and several other technologies.
In addition I have a wide variety of skills involving Adobe Photoshop.

I am offering my services to fix problems with existing websites/web-applications, adding or changing features as well as a development of a project from the ground up.
I can assist with hosting and migrations, fix code problems, and provide solutions for various needs.
Price is negotiable depending on workload.

Professional Game and App Developer For Hire. Experience in all aspects of multimedia(audio/video) and development for PC, Android, iOS, OSX, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Linux.

Professional website developer looking to take on website projects
I’m a professional website developer looking to take on small to medium size website projects. I have over 10 years of website development experience, as well as customizing CMS sites such as WordPress.

Contact me to discuss further. Please include in your email:

Type of project: New Website / Redesign
Type of business or current website:
A set budget you have for this project:

Interviewing for a software development role is usually a very stressful and challenging process. To be successful at landing that dream job as a software developer requires not only very strong knowledge of the computer science and programming fundamentals but also lots of preparation. Too many strong candidates make the mistake of not preparing adequately for an interview and end up getting passed. I can help you prepare for programming interviews by:

A) Reviewing all the theory on algorithms and data structures (linked lists, hash tables, binary trees etc), which are usually a big part of the interview questions
B) Helping you prepare for white board programming questions
C) Helping you gain practice with various programming challenges and gain familiarity with the type of questions
D) Help you brush up on a particular programming language. I am best versed in C++, Python and Java, but can also help you with Scheme, Perl etc.
E) Brush up on general interview preparation strategies

I am professional software developer at arguably the most successful technology firm in New York. In my previous career, I worked for almost a decade at one of the top quant hedge funds in NYC and interviewed many candidates. I am familiar with most of the top hedge funds in New York City, and I am very familiar with the general types of questions asked during programming interviews. I offer various lesson packages, from a one-time 2 hr “crash course” session, to multiple hour packages, e.g, 10 hrs and up.