3 Unforgettable Landing Page Examples To Steal, Learn & Profit From

3 Unforgettable Landing Page Examples To Steal, Learn & Profit From

3 Unforgettable Landing Page Examples To Steal, Learn & Profit From

All efforts at driving conversions converge at your landing page. It will determine whether you will smile all the way to the bank, or bite your fingernails worrying about the next month’s bills. In short, it is the most critical page on any site that holds the key to success, or failure.

With that much importance attached to one page, nailing it is not easy. From design, fonts and themes to structure, copy and density, decision making can be a challenge and a hit and miss affair – precisely what you would want to avoid.

Learning what works from others avails the perfect solution and on that note, below are 13 high performing landing page examples that you can borrow from, tweak, and make your own.


Airbnb’s landing page is the epitome of elegance in simplicity. The page is loaded with the firm’s value proposition set on a white background that naturally draws attention to the copy. All information that a visitor might need or be interested in is a click away, and if not, the smart search feature comes in handy.


Videofruit’s green CTA button stands out given the contrasting sky-blue background that meshes seamlessly with the enchanting picture used. The value proposition is presented charmingly and persuasively; with the benefits a visitor stands to gain conveniently highlighted. At the bottom, authoritative sites are mentioned for social proof purposes.


Unbounce’s take-home landing page aspects are the excellently packaged content and the simple yet memorable blue and white theme with gray accents that is as clean cut as it is appealing. The page has a lot of content, but it all serves the purpose of making guests more likely to convert.


For something outstanding, Because-Recollection is the landing page to learn from. Vibrant, and effortlessly unique, the page is highly engaging and responsive. It capitalizes on animations to give content an exciting dynamic that makes a good impression without taking away from the purpose of the page.


Muzzle’s service centers on silencing Mac notifications that can be a bit embarrassing. The company’s landing page serves a barrage of funny yet embarrassing notifications on the right with the few necessary details and the download button occupying the rest of the page for emphasis. Muzzle takes the trophy and runs away with it when it comes to humorously, yet assertively serving its value proposition.


Drip’s landing page is all about communicating the value a visitor who converts will get. For signing up, guests access a $197 course for free that has the potential to double leads in three months. The theme and structure are simplistic and functional, and the CTA delivery warrants recognition.


Bills.com’s landing page takes advantage of the inherent human curiosity to reel one in so effortlessly that an individual quickly finds himself on the last page filling out more information. The first two pages utilize a question format where one selects the debt amount, for example. Uncomplicated and refined, Bills.com’s approach is very unusual, but it works.


Bidropinc’s page leans more towards the artistic taking advantage of attractive typography to draw attention to the core message. The page achieves a superb functionality-aesthetics balance that is worthy of emulation. It is a graceful, appealing page that makes the right impression and gets the job done.


Bitgale.com’s landing page is impressively colorful and breathtaking thanks to the selection of in-house, top-quality pictures used. The company delivers its value proposition through its mesmerizing handiwork with the complementing text copy completing the package. It is the perfect example of speaking loudest through action.

Aura Dating Academy

This landing page is a targeting masterwork. It depicts the founder’s understanding of his target demographic, and baits visitors by offering a free video course, in exchange for signing up. The CTA button shouts a bit, but not unsettlingly so. The dark, diagonally checkered background makes the content pop out more.


Trulia’s landing page is the perfect representation of tasteful yet straightforward and sophisticated delivery. Content is set against a warm image with the question “how much is your home worth” beneath the logo; with an address textbox and a red CTA button further beneath. It expertly encourages engagement, and eventually, conversion.


The company is a creative studio, and that much is evident from the landing page’s profoundly artistic angle. Hovering on the navigation button catalyzes different, beautiful backgrounds that hint at what a visitor will get if he/she signs up. So cleverly set up, the page hits all the right cords


LandingFolio’s page hits the nail on the head by underscoring the futility of continually struggling with creating headlines while there exists a better way, which is what the enterprise is all about. Themed with mud-black and white, the page is base yet peculiarly attractive in a way that is hard to pinpoint. The bright-green CTA breaks the monotony acting as a point of focus.

Examples are the easiest way through which to learn and the more the examples, the better. Therefore, do not be content with just the above – keep your eye out as superb landing pages are aplenty, and new ones are continually mushrooming.