13 Worst Jobs for Millennials & 13 Best Jobs for Millennials

13 Worst Jobs for Millennials & 13 Best Jobs for Millennials

13 Worst Jobs for Millennials & 13 Best Jobs for Millennials

Millennials are suited to some professions more than others. I.T, for instance, stands out as a glove fitting profession thanks to the high degree to which millennials are tech savvy. Here are 13 of the worst jobs and 13 of the best jobs for millennials.

The worst jobs for millennials


Unless a millennial joins this industry as a contractor, working as an ordinary worker may prove unsatisfying thanks to the high-stress levels, low salary and long work hours.


Steelwork has the allure of adrenalin considering the sometimes dizzying working heights, but the job has elevated stress levels, and the median salary of $50,490 is not that lucrative.


Recent occurrences have brought to light the susceptibility of actors to abuse. Moreover, the entertainment industry is a hit and miss affair, with more misses than hits. And while the crème de la crème makes millions, the median salary is actually a mere $39,000 and obviously, job security is an illusion.


Sales calls for high-performance if a millennial is to survive and thrive. Sadly, many are those who are unable to meet their quotas to earn enough and those who do, often do so at the expense of personal time.


Mixology has made this job fashionable, but it is no less stressful and what one has to learn to be good at it has increased manyfold. Additionally, the average salary is not enticing, neither are the inverted work hours.

Nursing aids

It is among the lowest paying jobs in the health sector, and sadly, it comes with no less pressure than some of the more prestigious positions. Many would also consider the work ‘dirty.’


Choreography has been popularized by the increased consumption of dance shows. As a job, it has high pressure and rigid deadlines, and gigs last a short while. It is also a highly competitive field.


Paramedics save lives, but the accompanying financial packages do not reflect this fact. The median salary is $31,980, and the job comes with high pressure levels.

Restaurant chef

A restaurant job means long standing hours and a zero chance of taking a break on busy days. The job also has one of the lowest median salaries at slightly over $23,000.

Community health worker

Community health workers do a lot of good, but like paramedics and nursing aids, compensation is not up to par and work hours eat into personal time.


Being a cashier is mind-numbingly repetitive for millennials who love mentally stimulating challenges. Moreover, the pay is not good, and there is always the risk of miscalculating.

The catering industry

Most jobs in the catering industry like baking and waiting tables are very low paying, and they involve long, arduous work hours, most of which are spent standing.

Packaging machine workers

Another highly repetitive, low paying job, packaging machine workers have to spend a lot of time on their feet without any chance of taking a break as machines never take breaks. There is also a high possibility of injury.

The best jobs for millennials


Accountancy is a respectable profession with reasonable pay the median salary being slightly over $67,000.

Web developer

Millennials are ideally suited for web development thanks to their high creativity levels and native familiarity and prowess with I.T.

Operations research analysis

These professionals analyze operations through the application of mathematical models to provide management with insight for decision making. The median salary stands at $78,630.

Dental hygienist

Good pay, moderate stress levels and the predictability of job hours make this job perfect for millennials who seek a reasonable pay and a good work-life balance.

App developer

Highly creative and often flexible enough to allow for freelancing, app development is ideal for millennials who seek flexible jobs. Additionally, the pay is okay.

Software developer

Software development is broader than app development and professionals are in constant demand considering everything has/is going digital. The median salary is $98, 260.

Financial advisor

With a median salary of $118, 050, financial advisors have the means even though the job is a bit stressful.

Radiation therapist

With cancer becoming a menace, the demand for radiation therapists has skyrocketed. The salary is reasonable, and there is a very slim chance of work spilling over into personal time.

Computer systems analyst

In line with millennials being well suited to I.T related professions, becoming a computer systems analyst is an excellent job possibility with a good salary, and stimulating work to match.


Actuaries enjoy above-average salaries and a good life-work segmentation. The job is also mentally stimulating making it a good fit for millennials.


Podiatrists treat feet and ankle ailments and to become one; a millennial must attend medical school. The profession pays well, and experts are in high demand.


Engineering fields pay well and they are well suited for millennials mostly because they allow one to be part of creations that help to further humanity. Mechanical and electronic engineers are particularly in high demand.


Cartographers are responsible for the digitization of maps to make services like Google Maps a reality. The job is multidisciplinary and ideal for millennials who like traveling and interaction.

While good jobs are available, to access them, higher education is almost always a requirement, and this is the main reason why so many millennials grapple with student debt. The alternative is jobs with lower requirements which come with the challenge of lower salaries, benefits, and usually, high pressure. Ultimately, millennials have to carefully weigh the pros and cons of either path to choose wisely.

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