13 Ways to Market to Generation Z and Sell Them Stuff

13 Ways to Market to Generation Z and Sell Them Stuff

13 Ways to Market to Generation Z and Sell Them Stuff

In the next two years, generation Z is projected to account for up to 40% of the consumer demographic, and in a few more years, the percentage will increase even further. The future-oriented marketer can not only make money now by learning how to appeal to this generation, but he/she will also be well aligned to capitalize on future opportunities. Here are 13 sure-fire ways to effectively market to generation Z and move product.

Use the internet

If one word could describe generation Z, it would be tech savvy. This is a generation that has grown in the internet age, more so than millennials. They are more familiar with free Wi-Fi, apps, online services, smart devices and the entire gamut of internet related products than with anything else. Most of them consider Wi-Fi to be a fundamental need and surveys have shown that generation Z spends an average of 4 hours a day on screens. The takeaway here is clear: the best channel to market to generation Z is the internet.

Practice audience segmentation

As a maverick cohort, generation Z values individualism. They cherish individual uniqueness which effectively rules out blanket marketing techniques if a marketer is ever to move product. To best appeal to this generation, carefully segment your audience of interest and customize your value proposition to as small a niche as possible.

Be more creative

The online bloom is synonymous with high levels of creativity, and generation Z has been exposed to all of it. Out-of-the-box campaigns, mind-blowing graphics, innovative products, and such. In this light, generation Z’s benchmark of impactful creativity is extraordinarily high which means that to bait them into making commercial decisions, you have to dig deeper into the well of unconventional innovativeness to realize results.

Skirt the ad filter

Generation Z presents the challenge of apathy towards ads. They have been so exposed to them, that they have naturally developed a thick skin and a screen that sieves most of the bad, but also a significant chunk of the good ads. The only way to surmount this barrier to be able to drive sales is by offering undeniable value.

Engage and cater to them

Engagement avails the only way a business entity can create genuinely memorable impressions and build loyalty and stores like Zappos have proven that being heavily customer oriented pays. In fact, generation Z and millennials expect nothing less in this age of online customer support, shopping and marketing.

Offer quality

Bad news on the internet spreads like wildfire, and even worse, the internet never forgets. If you market, and successfully manage to sell substandard products, at some point, someone will call you out. If the news goes viral, things could quickly turn ugly, and your company or business could find itself facing a product boycott and an irreparably damaged reputation. On the flipside, quality products will announce your value and effortlessly market your brand.

Word of mouth

With social media making it easy to source for other people’s opinions, both generation Z and millennials are big on recommendations. When they are not sure what to buy, they simply ask their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. This further spotlights the marketing importance of making a good impression to drive word of mouth marketing through a superior value proposition and being customer focused.

Use compelling content

Generations Z’s attention span is more fragmented compared to millennials’. This means that it takes more to capture their attention and even more effort to keep it. The cliché that content is king, thus, holds true now more than ever.

Ascertain omnichannel presence

The average generation Z member has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and T.V. Their screen time is divided across these devices; and hence, any marketer or business with lofty ambitions of success has to ensure seamless omnichannel presence to maximize exposure and elevate return on investment.

Be open minded

In line with having experienced the creativity boom that came with the internet, generation Z are used to unorthodox ways of doing things. They are open-minded, and as a marketer, you can, therefore, dare to experiment. This increases the risk of things going wrong, of course, but there are several examples of brands that got it wrong severally and lived to tell the tale.

Use influencers

Generation Z has grown in an age where many stars have been born online contrary to previously where the majority of stars made their name in the real world before becoming celebrities online. This has cultivated a close relationship between generation Z and online influencers, and it is a relationship that you can capitalize on to move product.

It is all about convenience

Millennials value convenience so much so that they have driven companies not willing to toe the line out of business. Generation Z is another cut from the same cloth and making shopping simple, quick and as convenient as possible offers one of the concrete ways to bait and reel in this generation while inspiring loyalty.

Support a cause

As an age bracket, generation Z are do-gooders, akin to millennials. They want to change the world and leave a mark, and if your value proposition contributes towards this value system, they will be more likely to buy what you are selling. The trick lies in implementing a well-balanced charity-business mix.

In conclusion, so that you can market within the right context, bear in mind that that generation Z is a very visually inclined generation. They are fond of visual content heavy sites such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. In one survey, 9 in every 10 participants reported watching YouTube daily, for instance.

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