13 tips how to use psychological principles that’ll improve your homepage conversion rate

13 tips how to use psychological principles that’ll improve your homepage conversion rate

Homepage conversion rates are a major consideration for many website owners who target organic traffic and the closing of the marketing loop. There are many factors that affect the homepage conversion rate that a site can command and it is these factors that have to be captured and optimized to ensure a higher conversion rate is realized. Psychological principles can be used to impact the homepage conversion rate and the processes to adopt include:

Focusing on the anchoring effect

Website visitors are subject to the anchoring effect and this is where they become biased towards the information they get first and use it is what they utilize in making decisions. Anchoring strategies like starting at a higher price point and explaining how it reduces is what works in boosting conversions since the target audience is captured from the initial stage.

Eliminating action paralysis

The problem with indecision is that it leads to most website visitors having action paralysis which is the issue with deciding whether to go through with a buy, download or subscription. The indecision can be arrested and eliminated through setting minimal parameters which increases the capacity for conversions by allowing the niche target to take the next step.

Focus on principle of reciprocity

A major psychological principle to take advantage of is the idea of reciprocity which gives the prospective client a chance at receiving privileged treatment. In the instances where a customer receives benefits and bonus elements after a purchase, conversion rates have been higher since the principle of reciprocity offers something of value to benefit the customers which they love and appreciate.

Cognitive capturing

Capturing the cognitive element is a significant psychological principle that affects the conversion rate a website can master. Providing aesthetically pleasing elements and options tackles the way the brain processes information which convinces a person to take the next step in the conversion path.

Use the isolation principle

Using the isolation principle is a major step in trying to utilize the power of psychological adjustment. Things that stand out or are impressive are normally very effective when it comes to triggering the mind to remember them and it is this aspect that a website should capture to ensure conversion rates are higher.

Target the theory of loss aversion

The theory of loss aversion is always a winner when it comes to psychological principles that affect the conversion rates. People hate to lose and communicating that customers will lose out if they fail to take the offer on the website is what triggers their desire to consider the subscription or download which completes the conversion process.

Target visual salience

Improving the conversion rate through psychological principles cannot be complete without the utilization of visual salience which works with perceptual quality. This is where people consider something as superior to another owing to the way it is presented. Optimizing the website works best in building visual salience.

Targeting the law of Pragnanz

The ability to acquire and maintain perceptions amidst many confusing and crowding elements that attempt to affect decision-making is what is considered the Law of Pragnanz and it works well in improving conversion rates for websites with a significant command in terms of target pull.

Facial integration

A strategic psychological principle that impacts overall conversion rates includes facial integration which makes use of targeted and optimized images that impact decision-making resulting in major consideration. Facial integration increases conversion rates by 102.5%.

Capture instant gratification

The aspect of not waiting for something and receiving instant service always appeals to the target audience and it plays on the psychological aspect by making the prospective clients feel special. Instant gratification therefore ensures an increase in the conversion rates.

Milgram principle

Most individuals within the target audience respect authority or things that command respect even if it conflicts with what their conscience is saying, and this makes up the Milgram Principle. Using it as a strategy for your website ensures you will significantly increase the conversion rates.

Utilizing mimicry

Customers tend to like what they are used to and what they can relate to and tend to go for those things that make them feel safe and considered. The aspect of Mimicry therefore comes in through optimization of the website to create a setting where the target audience feels safe and at ease. Using targeted language, tone and jargon closes the gap and enhances conversion.

Pointing out successes

Nothing works best than the psychological concept of pointing out successes. Testimonials are perfect since one is convinced to take the step since it is working for others and they do not want to lose out or fail to get the same advantage that others are having with the website provisions whether it is a product or a service.

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