13 tips how to use your LinkedIn page as a sales funnel

13 tips how to use your LinkedIn page as a sales funnel     

LinkedIn is a workable platform for businesses looking towards funneling sales and the strength comes with its designation as a setting that is focused on social business engagement. When targeting the use of LinkedIn as a sales funnel, the idea is to find the trigger elements and maximize on their operation to create a perfect scenario for the target audience. There are varied optimization options that can transform a LinkedIn page into a sales funnel and they include:

Use clickable link

A clickable link is the perfect customization option since it is able to direct traffic to your homepage. A clickable link in the profile is a major asset since it invites prospective clients to make the step to follow up on the conversion route which is a process that generates sales.

Request to connect

A tip to consider when optimizing you LinkedIn page to become a sales funnel is to structure your approach to request for connects. This usually ends up being a major asset since it enables the instigation of a connection between the business and the target audience.

Customize your headline

A significant and workable way to optimize your LinkedIn page to manifest as a sales funnel is to customize the headline. The headline should be oriented as your pitch to the prospective clients. Since the headline displays beneath name on the profile, it is what show up in searches and should therefore be utilized as the option where the business highlights the benefits that a client will gain from associating with the business.

Place name of business in headline

A major identity factor that should be used when converting a LinkedIn page to a sales funnel is the placement of the name of the business in the headline. When the name of the business is included, the brand name is highlighted and this becomes very instrumental in getting associations that contribute to sales funneling.

Create a systemic summary

Summaries within a LinkedIn profile work in favor of a business since they influence how the target audience is able to view the business. A systemic summary communicates the value you provide and a business can also go into detail about services or products or even explain the headline. The systemic summary can be described as a miniature landing page where the target audience can be convinced to take the conversion route.

Toggle “Share profile changes”

When trying to create a sales funnel using your LinkedIn page, toggling the “Share profile changes” feature ensures everyone within your network is alerted when any changes are made which makes for free marketing.

Direct visitors to a specific page

Whether it is the product page, landing page or social profile, directing traffic to a resource that will trigger their step to make a purchase is what making a sales funnel using a LinkedIn page is all about.

Add testimonials

Short quotes within the profile work wonders in terms of convincing the target audience. If visitors find that you have provided the solution for others, they are often convinced to move through the funnel which closes the sales loop. Testimonials also provide an element of trusted brand development since they impact decision-making and also allow prospective clients to share and refer.

Target the experience section

Utilize the experience section by including links to a copy or by linking to an enticing blog that will initiate the visitor is what can transform a LinkedIn page into a sales funnel. It is this process that makes sure individuals get through the conversion process.

Personalize URL and use Projects section

Personalizing the URL will ensure that the target audience is able to remember it and associate with it more. Utilizing the projects section as a platform for portfolio display gives you the ability to show completed works and display links where people can find out more about the business which contributes immensely to the sales funnel.

Optimize the activity section

The activity section of your LinkedIn page is what you should call upon by updating the profile daily. This can be done through using relevant and engaging content that promote your brand which makes the page standout as a sales funnel.

Utilize the Awards and recommendations section

The Awards and recommendations section can be taken advantage of through focusing your efforts on the endorsements and recommendations that describe your brand and provide a platform for your page to act as a sales funnel that completes the conversion process.

Join relevant groups

Relevant groups are the best bet when it comes to transforming a LinkedIn page into a sales funnel since they allow you to create connections and improve overall visibility. This step systematically attracts the prospective clients to your page and contributes to sales which drive your business to the next level.

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