13 Tips How to Increase Your Rankings by Building Brand Mentions

13 Tips How to Increase Your Rankings by Building Brand Mentions

As in real life where more mentions equal increased popularity; so then, brand mentions online symbolize a site’s fame. A brand mention is simply a shout-out of your site on another website. Hence, it follows that to build site popularity and gain a higher ranking, you have to leverage brand mentions. These 13 tips will give you insight on how to go about building brand mentions.

Generate viral content

Viral content offers the best way to force your brand into the online limelight via brand mentions. Once your content goes viral, hundreds of sites will naturally link to you, and your ranking will skyrocket. Fun, useful, humorous, negative and shocking content tend to work particularly well. However, you have to utilize a measured approach to avoid harming your brand’s image.

Consider crowdfunding sites

Though often at a cost, some sites have no problem with mentioning your brand provided it has attached value. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are good examples, but there are many sites that can mention your brand for free thereby boosting your ranking.

Leverage guest posts

Guest posts are a great way to build backlinks as well as brand mentions thereby increasing your overall ranking. Identify authoritative sites and make a post pitch that will add value by considering the needs of their visitors. In the post, link back to your site through referencing and direct links.

Look for implied mentions

Implied mentions are mentions in other sites that do not directly link to yours. An excellent way of increasing the weight of these mentions is to look for them and then make a pitch to the webmaster for a direct link. Linked mentions are more effective in driving rankings compared to implied mentions.

Keep track of your mentions

To find implied mentions and keep track of mentions in general, make use of Google Alerts or third party tools with more features. On Google alerts, specify your preferences such as frequency of alerts, where you will get the alerts, how you should get the alerts, etc. This way, you will be notified whenever your brand is mentioned.

Paid mentions

If you have some money to burn, paid mentions provide a good way to kickstart your journey to building brand mentions. Product Hunt, for instance, is a great site in this regard that helps visitors find useful products.

If you choose your paid channel well, you will boost your ranking and also get lots of quality targeted traffic. If done right, the benefits you will enjoy will outweigh the costs involved.

Use influencers

Social media influencers can go a long way in boosting the popularity of your brand through brand mentions since they command large followings. Go for influencers with cross-platform presence for optimal results. As you might expect, this method may come at a significant cost depending on your negotiation skills, but if used right, it can catapult your brand into fame thereby cultivating a long-term brand mentions model.

Focus on niche sites

It is best to cultivate brand mentions in prominent niche sites first before branching out. This way, your brand mentions will have more weight hence resulting in better rankings. The key lies in going for sites that are closely related but not in the same business as you are in to avoid unnecessary conflict of interest.

Solve a problem

If you solve a problem and offer unrivalled value via a product, service or great content, you will naturally get brand mentions and recognition with minimal effort. Reputable sites will want to be associated with your brand, and brand popularity will only soar. Thus, strive to provide value first, and you will find it easier to build ranking.


“Top” lists offer another handy way to build up mentions. You can opt for paid lists, where you pay to be included in a list, or for natural listings where you get listed purely on merit. The best mentions come from respected firms such as Forbes. To get to the pinnacle of top lists, focus reverts to the tactic above of ensuring you offer value in your niche


If you offer great value, marketing can help boost both brand awareness and brand mentions. For best results, set brand mention building as one of the prime goals of your marketing campaign so as to develop a holistic marketing strategy. Social media campaigns are particularly effective.

Polish up your backlink strategy

The relationship between backlink and brand mention building is close. By having a holistic approach that considers brand mentions in backlink building, you can advance on two frontiers concurrently. A great way of going about it is ensuring the anchor text in your backlinks is your brand name.

Avoid negative mentions

Negative mentions will hurt you more than they will help you. It goes without say that mentions in spammy, or dishonored sites will be detrimental; more so if they include a direct link to your website. In such cases, Google may even mete out punishment by reducing ranking if you do not take appropriate action.

The overarching goal so as to build mentions quickly and easily should always be to offer exceptional value in the online marketplace. Also, be wary of black hat strategies as Google will catch up with you sooner or later.

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