13 Tips How to Develop a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy

13 Tips How to Develop a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy

If you have done all you can to get to the first position on SERPs for a particular keyword to no avail, a multiple domain approach could be what you are missing. Not really a core strategy in itself, it is, however, an unorthodox way of acquiring increased SEO real estate. So, what is it in the first place?

What is a multiple domain SEO strategy?

It involves having multiple sites covering the same keyword such that in SERPs, you can occupy the top 2 or 3 positions. It can be likened to submitting several pedigree horses in a horse race so as to boost the chances of a clean sweep of all podium positions. Below are 13 tips on how to best implement this strategy.

Focus on one niche

With the above example as a reference, you cannot submit several horses to different races and expect to get the first 2 or three positions per race. The same applies when it comes to leveraging multiple domains for SEO. You have to focus on a particular niche for maximum results. It could be real estate, automobiles, etc.

Develop multiple brands

Build several brands as per the breadth of the multiple domains strategy you wish to implement. Advisably, start with two brands to avoid overstretching your resources. The brands should be sufficiently distinct such that a searcher will not be able to automatically tell in SERPs that both belong to the same person.

Create new domains

As you develop multiple brands, concurrently create new domains. The domains should ideally match the established brands in name and other specifications. Register them using your preferred means and then marry your brands with the created domains.

Perform SEO

Once your multiple brands are online, carry out SEO to the best of your ability from technical and on-page to external and off-page SEO. All sites should be as finely-tuned as possible since both have to perform exceptionally well to get the top positions on SERPs.

Build backlinks

To further boost rankings, enforce a multi-domain backlink strategy where you mention your brands in all your sites and microsites. Google will see them as quality backlinks due to the independent nature of the sites. Of course, you should not stop there – pursue backlinks in other sites outside your control to maximize rankings.

Populate the sites with great content

Great content is the backbone of any website, and as such, you should create or source for unique content for each of your sites. It is a time-consuming affair but well worth it. Use content mills to get cheap, high-quality content optimized for keywords of interest.

Do a cost-benefit analysis

As you might have suspected, a multiple domain SEO strategy is resource intensive. For this reason, first do a cost-benefit analysis, to avoid running out of juice midway. Before you commence a multiple domain SEO scheme, it is first advisable to use all viable channels to push the ranking of your current website as high as possible. This way, it can avail income which you can then utilize to implement the multiple domain strategy so as to monopolize a keyword.

Buy expired domains

Utilize tools such as expireddomains.net to search for and buy expired domains. Once in your possession, divert the traffic that these domains get to your multiple domains to boost performance. This strategy is handy since expired domains are often cheap. Moreover, you will have options if you decide to convert the domains into fully fledged sites.

Only use 301s

In diverting traffic from domains, go for 301s rather than 302s. This way, you will not lose as much traffic, and you will get significant returns for your efforts.

Acquire available domains

Though more expensive compared to purchasing expired domains, buying available domains is another handy way to get valuable domain real estate. You must be a shrewd shopper to get quality domains. Furthermore, you always have to keep an ear on ground to know when good domains are floated in the market.

Always do a domain audit

Before domain acquisition, use third party tools to inspect the quality. Trying to divert traffic or build a site on a low-quality domain with a poor reputation will hurt your rankings and most likely swallow both your finances and efforts. Due diligence is simply a must.

Implement minute changes to your sites

A gray hat tactic, making minute changes to your site tricks Google into seeing it as fresh content – and fresh content leads to better rankings. But if you do this unabatedly, Google will soon be onto you, and you might suffer the consequences. Thus, intersperse the minute changes with new content postings.

Properly maintain all your domains

Finally, you have to keep all the sites hosted on different domains well maintained. You must handle all errors i.e. 404s, 50*, and any other resultant issues to maintain high rankings. For closely related keywords that could further your commerce agenda, put in place a PPC strategy.

A multiple domain strategy will multiply the workload with respect to the number of domains you go for. Therefore, it would be wise to get a team of experts. Otherwise, it might bog you down thereby impacting efficacy which might lead to missing the top spot altogether.

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