13 things you need to know to improve your Influencer marketing campaign in 2018

13 things you need to know to improve your Influencer marketing campaign in 2018

Influencer marketing campaigns have gained popularity in the recent past and this is mainly owed to the massive success that some brands have enjoyed. The question however remains on the right way to structure influencer marketing to reach the intended goals. In 2018, influencer marketing is bound to grow and extended its operation and it therefore marks as prudent that you take into account the elements to consider if you are to make your campaign stand out. As documented on runrex.com, an influencer marketing campaign must adhere to select standards and here are some to take into account.

Structure incentive for both influencer and consumer

This is what will drive you campaign and ensure that you are well placed to reap massive rewards. The idea is to promote the passive income angle while also providing the discount or coupon that will be too good for the consumer to refuse. The trick is in making sure that both the influencer and consumer are well incentivized to take up the offers on the table and hence complete the cycle of influencer marketing.

Make use of competitions and giveaways

Most marketers are guilty of neglecting this angle when handling influencer marketing. The key here is to collaborate with an influencer and make them host a giveaway or a competition. This is a strategy that will effectively expose your brand and give you the upper hand in marketing.

Institute a long-term ambassador role

This is a strategy that can catapult a brand to the next level. You only need to target an influencer that resonates with your brand and offers a complementary role to what your brand stands for. This is the right candidate for a long-term ambassador role and it is a setting that will guarantee that the influencer will be limited to only promoting your brand.

Make use of sponsored blogposts

When doing influencer marketing campaigns, sponsored blogposts are what you should take onboard since they improve rankings as well as drive sales exponentially. Sponsored blogposts improve your overall ratings and enhance your profile which is good or your brand.

Target guest submissions from influencers

The best way to improve your influencer marketing campaign is to open your onsite blog and invite the guest submissions by influencers that are in your industry. Guest submissions are a perfect way to improve visibility and grow your brand using awareness.

Structure Influencer takeover

The goal here is to find a key influencer and have them takeover one or more of your social media accounts for a select duration whether it is a day, week or month. The idea behind this is to have them create that connection with the target audience while driving your agenda effectively.

Offer influencers the “creative director” role

It is the best collaboration you can get since it gives the influencer the chance to institute the changes and strategies that work for them in trying to impact the target audience. The major undertaking here is to ensure that they are able to see a project through and adjust the necessary factors to grow your brand. With a “creative director” role in play, you can be sure that you will be able to have uninterrupted flow of ideas from an influencer’s perspective which is sure to institute a success strategy.

Check reach and actionability

Brand reach is synonymous with influencer reach since it is an influencer that determines the reach your brand will experience. In the same wavelength, an influencer has to have the ability to impact actionability from the target audience and this is the factor to take into consideration when structuring an influencer marketing campaign.

Handle Influencers like a brand

Influencers have a voice that carries authority and treating them as a brand is what can enable you forge a lasting partnership with them. When structuring an influencer marketing campaign, you must treat the influencers like a brand if you are to reap the benefits of the campaign.

Have clear goals for your campaign

Have your performance metrics on hand whether it is increasing awareness, generating leads, capturing conversions, targeting a new audience, products launch, renewing interest within the target audience or forging long-term relationships. You must have clear goals in mind if you are to improve your influencer marketing campaign.

Always select right influencers

Influencers are the brand ambassadors and this means their suitability to the role is what will ensure your brand grows in the right trajectory. To improve your influencer marketing campaign, you have to select the right influencers who will complement the brand.

Brand authority should be paramount

An influencer has to have brand authority and bring an element of collaboration that will make your brand stand out. Since an influencer relationship has to be reciprocal, it is imperative that your potential as a brand is consistent with the message an influencer wishes to pass across.

Define the content you need

Every bit of marketing needs a specific orientation of content that will complement its working. This is to say that an improvement in the influencer marketing campaign will be a factor of the content you choose to adopt.

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