13 Things Marketers Can Learn from One Piece Anime

13 Things Marketers Can Learn from One Piece Anime

One Piece Anime encapsulates in an entertaining package the battle everyone faces in seeking to achieve his/her dreams. The lead character, Monkey D. Luffy, harbors ambitions to one day become a pirate king after a younger, impressionable version of himself encounters an imposing pirate. Here are 13 things that you can learn from the anime.

Japan’s societal ideals

Manga are an authentic Japanese entertainment. As such, the comic books have Japanese ideals at the core. Since the anime is based on the Manga series, Luffy, embodies many of these ideals. He always looks to help his friends and his sacrificial commitment to getting the best out of others is an admirable virtue worth copying

Uphold equality

Despite many people burying their heads in the sand, discrimination and inequality is alive and well in many societies today. One piece highlights the futility of it all thereby managing to make a strong, positive emotional impression concerning discrimination as one of the darker attributes of humanity.

Cherish friendships

Luffy, at one point, severely beats up another character, Arlong, for making one of his friends cry. The series epitomizes the importance everyone should place on friendships with a view to build strong alliances that will benefit all parties involved. It is a lesson that can enrich the lives of marketers as well as other professionals.

Know yourself

Luffy’s life uncannily mirrors reality in that he comes across people with different moral boundaries as far as doing the utmost to achieve their goals is concerned. The most destructive and dangerous are those willing to do anything to get what they want. To win against such, you have to know yourself so as to craft a winning strategy that factors in your principles.

Avoid compromises

Be wary of compromises on the path to success as your chickens will one day come home to roost. This is a lesson exemplified by Luffy as well as his close friends who remain true to their deepest selves. Thus, circumstances only manage to make them better, stronger and ingenious as opposed to deceitful with a willingness to cut corners.

Fine-art inspiration

Marketing involves a lot of design work especially in packaging and ad design. In fact, in today’s digital space, marketing and art are inseparable particularly if the goal is to run a unique campaign that will actualize good returns. One Piece Anime has many artistic elements that marketers can draw inspiration from.

Everyone has some good in them

Everyone has some form of good, or at least a seed of good, in them. One Piece Anime underscores the importance of sometimes choosing to see and invest in the little good that is to be found in people. Luffy’s team, for instance, is a band of misfits: but one that manages amazing feats nonetheless.

Do not judge a book by its cover

A cliché – yes; but one that very many people disregard to their detriment. At first glance, Luffy does not fit the typical hero stereotype, yet he ends up saving the day time and again. Similarly, in marketing, you cannot afford to judge a book by its cover for often, the biggest purchases come from the most improbable quarters.

Follow your dreams

This is probably the most obvious lesson that jumps at you when watching One Piece Anime but one that is worthy of reiteration still. Luffy, in seeking to realize his dreams, faces challenges, goes through multiple near misses, discouraging factors and many other negatives but he never lets go of his dream – neither should you.

Prepare for the worst

In the course of time, everything that can go wrong will eventually go wrong. Luffy faces many problems from quarters he would have never expected resistance from and therein lies a very important takeaway: always be alert and prepare for the worst without sacrificing optimism.

You will fail

In life, just as with Luffy in One Piece Anime, you will win some battles and lose some. Some campaigns will become runaway successes while others will fail. You will enjoy profits but suffer losses too. Ultimately, the most important thing is to always pick yourself up and find the strength to move on.

Learn from your mistakes

To reduce the chances of failing spectacularly frequently, learn from your mistakes. Luffy makes a great example of an introspective and reflective individual who always looks to better himself from his missteps.

Take a leap of faith

Robin, a lonely soul who desires friends, is advised by a friendly giant that friends are out there. She honors the challenge and takes a leap of faith finally meeting Luffy and going on to build a great friendship and accomplish much. Likewise, to achieve anything worthwhile, you may have to take a leap of faith.

One Piece Anime is a refreshing and entertaining watch that you will easily relate to due to it embodiment of what many people go through in seeking to realize their dreams. It will encourage and inspire you and on that basis, its popularity comes as no surprise. After all, there is little else one can demand from a show.

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