13 facts about generation Z employees

13 facts about generation Z employees 

13 facts about generation Z employees 

Generation Z employees are a phenomenon that many have failed to internalize and decode. This has led to varied speculation as to what makes the members of this generation tick when it comes to the workplace. Here are 13 facts about generation Z employees that will enable you learn more and understand what the generation is all about.

Prefer in-person communication

As opposed to the millennials who prefer working remotely, Generation Z prefer the corporate office setting and in-person communication with project managers at hand to provide direct guidance. Generation Z employees have acute interpersonal skills which enables them grow in the workplace. A major fact with generation Z is that they value one-on-one time and believe it to be a crucial part of workplace development.

Money is not a motivator

Generation Z have experienced recession early in their lives and have lived through it. Money is therefore not a huge motivator for the jobs they may be willing to take since other factors take center stage. In hindsight however, generation Z employees see “a lot of money” as a pointer to success but don’t consider money to be a deal-breaker at the workplace.

Ease of changing jobs

Generation Z employees are inclined to work for an average of more than 4 companies in the course of their career. 3 to 5 years is the average time period they are willing to stay with an employer and it is this fact that makes them seek immediate benefits since they don’t plan to be at a single role for an extended period of time.

Turn to entrepreneurship

Sometimes referred to as iGen, Generation Z employees are bound to turn to entrepreneurship sooner rather than later especially after gaining the necessary experience. Even at the workplace, generation Z will prefer having their entrepreneurial spirit nurtured and harnessed and their freedom to innovate respected. Generation Z employees believe in managing their own workforce and becoming their own boss over time and this is a particular positive they have.

Constitute most educated and sophisticated

Generation Z are the most educated and sophisticated of all the generations. Employees from this generation will ultimately cause a radical disruption of the workplace with their technology path. Generation Z employees follow their preferred societal and professional influencers in order to get an education relating to the workplace which makes them sophisticated over time.

Are inclined to network

Globalization and socialization are the core elements of generation Z employees. They are inclined to network when trying to troubleshoot and handle problem solving processes which brings them closer to other colleagues and industry professionals. Their networking tendencies ensure they become ultimate experts in their trade. If you wish to find out more about how to better the networking angle with generation Z, bitgale.com is the choice platform.

Obsessed with technology

Generation Z employees have grown up with technology and are well versed with all emerging technological advancements. Any tech leading company will ultimately become their personal favorite. Their device of choice may be the smartphone but any piece of advanced technology remains a challenge they are willing to explore which makes them well versed.

They are opinionated

The education they have gathered makes generation Z employees opinionated. They have plenty of ideas on how to better an experience and increase the capacity of output. This is a peculiar fact about generation Z since it makes them have a unique point of view.

Live in a post-privacy world

Generation Z employees are arguably the most interesting of all generations since they are not afraid to share workplace information like salaries, bonuses and work related caps. It is a fact that generation Z employees are comfortable sharing information that was previously not discussed openly.

Are dependent

One interesting fact about generation Z employees is that they are dependent. They depend on depend on good leadership and management to thrive. Generation Z employees will work well when given the support and guidance that enables them process information and act on the same seamlessly.

Look to retire by age 55

Although only about 37% of the generation Z employees believe that this it is possible, many hold the desire to retire by age 55 and enjoy the fruits of their investments and entrepreneurial ventures. It is this fact that leads them to the notion of only working at a place where they get the benefits that will improve their capacity over the years.

Open to volunteering

If it means gaining experience, generation Z employees are open to volunteering. 77% are extremely receptive to the idea as they believe it betters their chances at the workplace and increases their overall potential to make meaningful contributions.

Want social media, wearables and VR

Generation Z employees want these technological advancements introduced at the workplace to improve their overall experience and help everyone at the workplace have a setting to look forward to and enjoy.

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