13 Big New social media marketing trends in 2017

13 Big New social media marketing trends in 2017

Social media is bound to take centerstage when it comes to the digital marketing strategies in 2017 and its rapid growth will serve as its fuel that will map it among the best options marketers can target. 2017 has seen a new twist in the social media marketing industry and among the big new trends that marketers are taking up include:

Social media ecommerce avenue

The social media ecommerce avenue is blowing up in 2017 with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook providing ways for marketers to present clients with ways to make direct purchases. Social media platforms are adding ecommerce features and since 56% of users target brand names for products, marketers are leveraging the same to provide a purchase option.

Social media automation

A big trend in social media marketing in 2017 is social media automation which is crucial when it comes to aiding marketing professionals to device specific strategies. Automation is a step that will ultimately aid brands in prospecting and determining the avenues for the delivery of content to the right audiences.

Ephemeral content

A standout trend in social media marketing is the use of ephemeral visual content sharing idea. Ephemeral content constitutes the unscripted, authentic content which has the power to capture and build trust between a brand and prospective customers. Ephemeral content is being used in 2017 to provide details and ideas including behind the scenes, live events, announcements and how-to-videos.

Live video content

Among the social marketing options being taken up by marketers, live video content stands as an important component. With 14% of marketers being characterized as having tried live video in 2016, 2017 will see more than 46% of marketers take up the option to use live video content. Providing interactive video on varied social platforms like Facebook, Periscope, Instagram and Twitter will ultimately shape the marketing strategies of various brands.

Investment in mobile Ads

A trend that is taking face in 2017 is the increased investment in mobile Ads and with Facebook commanding $7 billion in 2016 in Ads revenue of which in excess of 70% was from mobile Ads, visual Ads aimed at engagement and relationship building will get more investment. Twitter mobile Ads offering sponsored stickers and hashtags are also adopted strategies in 2017 that are driving the mobile Ad field.

Influencer marketing

One of the biggest social media trends in 2017 is the use of influencers in the formulation of marketing strategies. Influencer marketing was a major stronghold introduced in 2016 but 2017 is seeing its explosion as a go-to strategy for social media marketing. Marketers are moving from celebrity marketing and adopting the influencers and this cements the on-going trend. If this area of expertise interests you then you too can become a Modere Social Marketer. Working for companies such as this will ensure that you carry out your desired career whilst influencing others and reaping in the many benefits that this exciting and satisfying job has to offer!

Adoption of virtual reality in marketing

A new trend in social media marketing is the adoption of the role of encouraging engagement through the provision of an immersive experience that is memorable. Adopting virtual reality in social media marketing in 2017 is facilitating video streaming which in turn informs the development of an engaging and in-depth experience.

Focus on messaging Apps

With social media marketing evolving every passing day, the focus on messaging apps is a prime avenue in 2017. Utilizing Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat in 2017 is sure to open marketers to the more than 4 billion users worldwide. Marketers are using messaging apps for 24-hour customer service, reservations and questions which improves customer experience.

Instagram stories

A significant trend in social media marketing is the shift from Snapchat stories to Instagram Stories which has taken the advertising industry by storm. With over 100million viewers daily, Instagram promises to make the step towards creating a new dimension to the aspect of sharing stories. Facebook and Instagram targeting in 2017 is transforming how marketer relate to the target audience.


A social media marketing trend that has clearly revolutionized the industry is the induction of marketplaces. Facebook marketplaces which is a destination to buy, sell, discover items with people in a circle is what marketers are taking on with increased focus and is a strategy that is looking at transforming the marketing angles in 2017.


The adoption of Chatbots is clearly a big and new trend in social media marketing since it has effectively reduced the response time and greatly enhanced the engagement through a high optimization setting.

Evolution of search

The new wave of social media marketing trend is structured as the evolution of search where marketers are targeting the search module in understanding the clients. With Facebook alone experiencing 2 billion searches a day, more Ad dollars will be invested in 2017 to rival the offering by Google since the evolution of search will drive attention to content.

Business tools

The adoption of business tools in social media platforms is a big aspect of marketing in 2017. Business tools have transformed Instagram by allowing marketers to create a business profile. With the tools, it is also possible for marketers to perform analytics and create Ads from posts.

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