10 Ways to use Reddit Content Marketing

10 Ways to use Reddit Content Marketing

10 Ways to use Reddit Content Marketing

Reddit attracts over 170 million unique users per month and considering how content focused it is, it makes sense that marketers would naturally want to make the most of it. Marketing on Reddit, however, is a bit different requiring more tact and finesse thanks to ‘reddiquette’ and other factors. Here are 10 ways through which you can optimally leverage content marketing on the platform.

Familiarize yourself with Reddit rules (reddiquette)

Reddit has strigent terms of use which when flouted, will quickly get you labeled as a spammer and dilute, or even spoil your brand image. Furthermore, the platform’s users are trigger happy regarding getting people banned.

Therefore, take the rules and best use practices into account to effectively, and safely capitalize on the platform. For instance, if you self-promote aggressively, or use bots on the platform; regardless of the value you actualize, you will get banned.

Join relevant subreddits

Identify and join relevant subreddits that can inform and impel your core agenda. Aim to kill two birds with one stone by both marketing in some of the targeted subcommunities while picking up actionable insights in others. Thus, join several subreddits focused on content marketing, the niches in which you seek to market, and any other sector you may be interested in. Approach the platform with a work/play/learning mentality.

Take your time

Reddit has communities on almost every niche imaginable and those in these communities, often have their own unique inside rules. Like in real life when you visit a new location, take time to observe the unwritten code that other users adhere to. This way, you will be better placed to formulate content that hits all the right spots and gets the job done.

Discover trending titles

The high quantity of content shared on the site necessitates strategies and tactics to stand out. Your content will have more bite if it focusses on trendy, talk-of-the-town topics from a unique angle. Espouse investigative methods in the subreddits of interest to discover niche-specific problem areas that you can research and produce informative content on. When you find a good subject matter, opt for a series strategy where you cover one or a few points in depth per post.

Showcase your proficiency

Due to Reddit’s focused nature, it is a great place to showcase your expertise to those likeliest to buy into your value proposition. If you do not come across as boastful, or blatantly self-promoting, you can gain the trust and respect of a highly targeted demographic and increase your traffic. Besides your posts, leverage the Ask Anything feature to invite categorical questions. Adopt a helpful attitude and assist others whenever you can.

Post quality content

Your content has to be useful, appealing, and formatted in an easily digestible way without overuse of jargon. Particularly, it cannot seem like you are all about sales. The sales angle should be the subtlest in your posts. Reddit users are after quality, newsworthy content, and that is precisely what you should share occasionally incorporating a soft sales pitch. Also, stay away from illegal content.

Be explorative

Reddit is vast, and there is always a lot more than you can learn and discover. For this reason, do not limit yourself to subreddits that you feel comfortable in. Make forays into strange, but exciting sections and you will find inspiration and fresh ideas that you can mix and tweak to generate authentic content. However, be careful not to get lost in one of the platform’s many rabbit holes – remain objective, or you may start using it more for your entertainment that marketing.

Use long-titled content

Long-titled, information-rich content performs best on Reddit. Do not use shorthand and cliché buzzwords. Your tone should be neutral and mellow balancing both professional and friendly tones. Depict enthusiasm, and let your likable character traits shine through. Above all, be original and helpful as aforementioned and you will find Reddit to be full of welcoming communities.

Have a genuine profile

On Reddit, an authentic profile is crucial. Some niche specific subreddits are highly averse to self-promotion, and if they smell a whiff of it in your content, the members are bound to scrutinize your profile as they look for more reasons to label you a spammer.

To make your profile look genuine, submit or source your material from other esteemed content sites, accumulate upvotes (never solicit for them), comment naturally in other posts and more importantly, your profile should be at least a month old which ties back to taking your time.

Text posts vs. link posts

If you are looking for links, text posts are the way to go. They are great for stimulating engagement and have added flexibility due to the lack of character limitations. If you want traffic, link posts are preferable provided they are resourceful and targeted. Do not over-link to your site or you will raise eyebrows. A better tactic is to link to many quality sites, including yours. Overall, mix the two approaches to achieve some semblance of balance and authenticity.

In closing, identify those making headway in the subreddits you are most interested in and learn from them. This way, you will quickly learn what specific audiences respond to most and increase your chances of ending up on the ‘Hot page.’ For more insights, explore ppchire.com.

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