10 Tips How to Start Your Own Paid Per Click Marketing Agency and Get Small Businesses to Hire You

10 Tips How to Start Your Own Paid Per Click Marketing Agency and Get Small Businesses to Hire You

With a calculated approach, you can start your own paid per click marketing agency and land clients immediately. You can finally become your boss and take back the reins of your financial destiny. These 10 tips will enlighten you on the best way to go about establishing a paid per click marketing agency that will thrive from the onset.

Pen down your vision and goals

An agency without targets is like a ship without a rudder – it will end up anywhere. Luckily, a business vision is easy to develop. For most, it is simply making a profit and commandeering the biggest market share.

Determine your overarching vision and break it down into smaller achievable goals. Attach timelines to your targets; otherwise, they will only be glorified wishes. Do not be overoptimistic or overambitious in setting the timeframes – give yourself adequate flexibility.

Develop a business plan

From your goals, come up with an actionable business plan. It will act as a point of reference for you as well as any other person you will bring into the venture. Moreover, it can go a long way in helping you get financing from institutions as well as friends, family, etc.

Cover everything from operations, to how you intend to scale the heights of success by adding more offered services to become a full-service agency for instance. To refine the plan, consult an expert.

Put together a portfolio

If you have been in the advertising industry, develop a portfolio of past works. It will come in handy in convincing clients to trust you with their campaigns.

If you do not have a substantial portfolio, consider bringing in one or two people who have some experience to bolster the firm’s image. Do not go for people with lots of experience unless you have the capital to foot their salaries before the agency gets on its feet.

Build a team

PPC calls for content creation, creating ad copy, strategic positioning, among other things. Thus, to provide utmost quality to clients, put together a team bearing in mind your weak points. Since it is a startup, try to keep the costs down by maintaining the workforce at a bare minimum. You can do so by going for persons with a broad skill set. It is not necessary to cover all bases since you can outsource.

Get a partner

If you feel you need a helping hand yet you do not have the financial muscle to foot an expert’s wage bill, look for a skilled partner. Make sure it is a person who shares similar ideals regarding the firm, its vision and how it should be run.

If you choose this route, come up with a conflict resolution methodology in case differences arise. Pick a leader to act as the final authority on issues.

Develop a unique value proposition

The PPC market is cutthroat, but the good news is that more companies are allocating more dollars to PPC. This means that with services that offer good value for money, you will land and keep clients.

Start by developing a unique value proposition taking into consideration what competitors are offering. The key is to stand out such that potential customers will see sense in choosing you as opposed to other agencies. A personal touch, more services for the same price, bonuses, a trial period, etc., can do the trick.


To get clients, you obviously have to get word out via advertising. Utilize your PPC skills to market your agency. Identify small businesses you would like to work with and craft mutually beneficial approaches. Then, make an impressive pitch to land the business.

Do this severally, and you will soon have a substantial number of clients to kick start your entrepreneurial journey. Expect rejection – it is normal, but do not let it affect your morale or passion.


A robust network in marketing is of absolute importance. Comprehensive campaigns require interdependence and symbiotic relationships especially as a firm increase’s its range of offered services.

Thus, strive to build networks from the start. Identify specialists in other areas such as media buying, graphic design, etc. The chances are that your clients may need such services sometime and you can cash in by outsourcing.

Keep costs down

Keep a close eye on costs to survive during the lean times. Start small and be willing to work long hours until your agency stabilizes. Take good care of your team and as the founder, lead by example. Consider going virtual to reduce your costs further.


Underpromise and overdeliver, and you will have happy clients who will fall in love with your agency. This is the one trick in the book that will maintain your client retention rate at over 80%. Never make the mistake of making unachievable promises only to deliver less.

In conclusion, join trade associations and make use of trade publications to keep up with industry advancements. This is the only way you will be able to adapt in a timely manner to take advantage of emerging opportunities and maintain relevance.

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