10 Tips Data Science with Python

Can you get into data science without a degree? Is a degree in data science a prerequisite for professional data scientists? How can one make it in data science without a college degree?

Although a major in data science or a related course will give you an upper hand in the job market, a degree in data science is not a prerequisite for getting employment as a data scientist. In truth, not all people have the academic qualification to get into college and the financial demands in college are too high for some people.

Lack of a college degree in data science, should not deter you from pursuing a career in data science. In this blog post, Guttulus is going to provide you with tips on how you can pursue data science without a degree. The tips include tips on free online courses which you can take and the areas which you need to be good in for you to make it in data science without a degree;

10 Tips Data Science with Python

What you need to be a good data scientist without a degree

Data Science Needs a Mathematics and Statistics Background

Mathematics and statistics are very essential in data science and one needs to have a good understanding of the subjects if they are to study data science. You will need immaculate understanding of calculus, geometry, statistical methods and probability if you are to become a good data scientist without a degree. You can learn these online.

Data science needs computer science knowledge

You can’t get into data science if you don’t have some basic knowledge in computer science. You’ll need knowledge in algorithms, programs, data analytics and other computer science aspects for you to get into data science. The beauty of computer science is that there are very many places you can learn it from scratch at a small fee or even completely free.

Proficiency in machine learning

To make it in data science, you will need to learn about machine learning and its applications in the modern day world. You will need to understand the basics of machine learning and venture into deep machine learning before you can be considered a good data scientist. You can learn machine science online.

Learn how to handle databases

Data science requires knowledge on how to handle databases. Handling databases requires thorough training and practice before one becomes proficient enough and you will therefore need to dedicate a lot of time to learn about databases before you can get into data science. There are online courses which you can use to learn about databases without a degree.

Knowledge in business administration

It’s very difficult to define business problems and communicate the insights drawn from the data that you have analyzed if you aren’t proficient in business administration. You therefore need to learn about administration before you can get into data science and fortunately, there are very many businesses courses offered online.

Courses to learn to get into data science without a degree

Becoming a Data Scientist by Dataquest

Dataquest is an independent online training provider that offers free access to most of its course materials and you can take advantage of this to get started in data science. Although most of the courses are free, you can pay for the premium services which features tutored projects and certification at the end of the training. Dataquest courses on data science cover everything from programming to handling databases.

IBM- Fundamentals of Data Science

Through its free to access portal referred to as cognitive class, IBM offers one of the most comprehensive data science courses there is out there and you can take advantage of it to get started in data science. The IBM course covers programming in R, introduction to data science and understanding open source tools. All these courses need about 24 hours to complete but if you have knowledge in the data science field, you might complete the courses more quickly.

Udacity- Introduction to Machine Learning

Udacity offers one of the best free courses in machine learning. Although it is only an introductory course, it offers a lot- from theory to practical applications. The entire course lasts about 3 weeks and you will be required to pay nothing to complete the course. It is advisable for beginners to start with this course as it helps introduce one to the world of machine learning.

Learning from Data- CIT

The Learning from Data course offered by California Institute of Technology, is one of the most undertaken courses because of its proximity to an actual program offered in the institution. Through a series of video lectures, homework assignments and a final exam, the course is very impressive. You don’t need to pay too much to get started in this course.

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