10 Tips Why Data Science is Popular

What’s this craze about data science? What have people discovered in data science that is making them shift professions and venture into this data science thing? Why are companies spending millions annually just to land the best data scientists in the market?

To understand why data science is so popular, we spoke to Guttulus CEO Tony Guo who is a prolific data scientist and consultant himself and here is what he had to say about data science and its popularity. Here are 10 tips why data science is popular as provided by Guttulus CEO Tony Guo:

10 Tips Why Data Science is Popular

Data science is a very lucrative career

One of the reasons why data science has become so popular, is the fact that it is a very lucrative career. In America for example, professional data scientists take home upwards of $120,000 annually which is very lucrative. It is not surprising therefore that more people are crossing over into data science.

Data science is a very technically challenging but enjoyable career

Despite the fact that data science is very technically demanding, it is very enjoyable working as a data scientist on a daily basis. Crunching numbers, drawing insights from the data and trying to predict the future is something most people would love to do on a daily basis as it is scintillating.

Data science aids in innovations aimed at improving the quality of life people lead

Who ever thought that self-driving cars would be a reality one day? Data science is very instrumental in innovating and coming up with smart solutions to deal with day to day problems. In other words, data science helps to improve the quality of life that we lead as a society and this makes it very popular among us.

Tomorrow belongs to data science

The future belongs to data science and its automation. A lot of innovations and ideas that are seen as the future, are so reliant on data science and its automation. From self-driving cars, recommender systems, image recognition to predictor systems, a lot of these innovations of the future rely on data science which makes it all too popular.

Data science helps businesses to thrive

Businesses use data science to better their service delivery and offer better products to their clients. By understanding the things that consumers love, businesses can work towards improving their products and make their businesses more profitable. It is therefore not surprising that data science is so popular among businesses.

Data science helps to resolve societal conflicts

By analyzing the data provided from society members on the causes of various conflicts in the society, it becomes very easy to quell the conflicts and resolve societal conflicts. If complaints are about the price of fuel for example, the relevant agencies will analyze the data provided and come up with ways through which the fuel prices can be worked on.

Data science helps understand consumer behavior on social media

This by far is the most common reason why most people use social media data science. Businesses especially, need to understand the spending habits of their consumers and get an insight into the peak timings of customers and the product preferences. This information helps the businesses to better their products to reach the target audience. This is why data science has always been a key ingredient in the running and workings of social media platforms.

Data science helps politicians to campaign better

The other reason why data science is so popular, is the fact that politicians use it for their political affairs. They use data science to analyze their chances of winning and properly plan their rallies when the electioneering period beckons.

Proper Planning By Governments

To provide better service to citizens, governments- both federal and state, require data on the number of people, sex of the population, age of the population and so forth. Data science helps analyze this information required by the government and use it to properly plan how to deliver services to the citizens.

Data science is for everyone

The other reason why data science is very popular, is the fact that it is for everyone. Anyone can learn data science and use the knowledge to have a rewarding career. Whether you have a degree or not, you can learn data science and use it to better yourself.

Data science promises job security

The other reason why people love data science is the fact that it promises job security for the moment. More and more companies are hunting for data scientists and anyone with the professional qualification can be assured of a well-paying job.

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