10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from The Heirs K Drama

10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from The Heirs K Drama

The popularity of this Korean drama just goes to show how Korean dramas have become popular and not only in Korea but the world over. It recorded very high ratings on its release with critics giving it rave reviews. Its storyline revolves around the lives of extremely rich students of a high school and their lives of privilege. There is much more detailed review on runrex.com, but it is no surprise that it gained such popularity given how gripping its storyline is and the mastery of the cast. This article will however look to focus on matters marketing and tips we can learn from its various marketing campaigns.

As is explained on runrex.com, it is usually very profitable to seek out licensing deals for products about your brand as a way of marketing. This involves branded products like T-shirts, shoes, phone covers and so much more. This is a field where the Heirs brand excelled in and their branded products were all over and this did wonders for their marketing campaigns and a strategy worth learning.

When Heirs was hitting our television sets in 2013, it was during the onset of the social media era and they made sure that they took advantage of this for purposes of marketing. They pushed hashtags on Twitter and ensured their main stars interacted with fans as much as possible on the various social media platforms. This had the desired effect as their social media marketing campaigns was one of the most effective around and one worth learning from.

The power of endorsements when it comes to marketing as is explain but the experts on runrex.com cannot be stressed hard enough and the Heirs brand definitely made good use of this avenue. They partnered with various brands both at home and abroad in a move that made sure that their brand was always in the public eye which as far as marketing goes you can’t ask for more making this yet another tip worth learning from them.

With songs such as the extremely popular “Moment” and “Love is” as part of the Korean drama’s soundtrack album it is no surprise that their use of this album for marketing purposes was such a runaway success. They were able to penetrate different media platforms with use of their soundtracks and if were looking for tips on marketing to learn from them then this will have to be one of them.

They also made use of free marketing platforms like blogs and vlogs which is something we are always encouraged to do. This mode of marketing is usually very effective as well as being very economical on resources and time and their engaging of this strategy is definitely another teachable point from them.

Making use of Reddit for marketing purposes is also one of the more effective ways in the current marketing environment as is explained on runrex.com. This is because there is a large base of prospective clients on Reddit that are ripe for conversion if you play your cards right which they definitely did. If you are interested in trying out this platform, then there is a lot to learn from them.

Another marketing tip we can pick from the Heirs brand is their use of user-generated content in their various marketing campaigns. They invited fans to create content such as videos which they would incorporate in their various campaigns either on social media or commercials and definitely goes some way in explaining the success pf their marketing campaigns.

Another tip we can pick from their various marketing campaigns is their use of loyalty programs and the success that ensued from this move. They would look to reward loyal fans with goodies and gifts with all this incorporated in their marketing campaigns which increase interest in their marketing campaigns making this a tip worth learning.

They also took advantage of their popularity not only in Asia but in other areas of the world to ramp up on their international marketing. They made sure that they had their marketing campaigns translated to various languages to reach as many people as possible. They also made sure that the drama was translated with subtitles to as many languages as possible as well. If you are looking to get into marketing on an international scale, then they are a good example to follow.

Their use of email newsletters as part of their marketing campaigns is also another tip we would do well to learn from them. Once you signed for it, they would send information monthly on any new merchandise or associated products out there keeping fans always abreast of matters concerning their favorite Korean drama. This as a marketing tool can be quite effective and be learning from them we could know just how to use it as effectively as them.

In as much as the above ten tips are worth learning and definitely go a long way to explain the success of their marketing campaigns, it should be noted that they are just but the tip iceberg and there is a lot on this and other topics on runrex.com.

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